The place where we come back every day is called home, and finding a little peace of heaven for personal repose is called happiness. Discover such a peace of heaven and happiness in our CASA MARIELA because your pleasure and trust in us is our greatest reward. Apartments categorization in Croatia is in accordance with world trends and requests. The biggest and most important difference lies in the number of stars. Our CASA MARIELA is a five-star apartment.

CASA MARIELA is an astounding new five-star villa, built in modern Mediterranean style offering comfortable accommodation in spacious and elegant apartments. It has a special design. Tne interior is completely unique and has tailor-made furniture of high-quality natural materials. This contemporary villa offers unforgettable style and functionality with a gorgeous view of the blue Adriatic sea. It represents a comfortable base to spend an unforgettable vacation to all people looking for peace and relaxation in the fresh air of panorama to Kvarner bay and the most beautiful embayment „Medveja“.

Medveja is small, coastal town near Opatija. Once typically fishermen village developed into famous tourist destination which offers its guests contents needed for the quality holiday. Situated at the base of the mountain Ucka and turned toward Kvarner bay, it is well-known for its gorgeous gravel beach in the green bay and quiet surroundings for which many think that it is one of the most beautiful in the region. With its peaceful and quiet atmosphere, it represents a perfect place for vacation.


CASA MARIELA is a luxurious villa, one of the best situated in this part of the Adriatic coast. It is 8 km away from Opatija abounding in interesting places and good fun and 22 km away from the town of Rijeka. It is situated one-hour drive from the Krk airport. Lungomare, long coastal walk connecting Lovran, Opatija and little settlement Volosko, is approximately 4 km remote. It’s one-million-dollar worth and hard to describe view to Krk and Cres Islands and the town of Rijeka makes the villa unique at this part of the Adriatic coast and „really a little piece of heaven on earth“ as usually said by our guests.

Apartment Lavender / 6+1

It consists of 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, gallery, dayroom as well as very tastefully furnished and fully equipped kitchen in high-quality granite. Dayroom and kitchen are connected by a big balcony with an open view to Krk and Cres Islands. Two bedrooms, except gallery, have their own balcony as well. All rooms are provided with LCD TV and satellite channels. Free wi-fi. Bathrooms are furnished with a washing machine, blow-dryer, towels, bathrobe and free cosmetic accessories. The apartment is completely air-conditioned, has an inner fireplace and a private parking lot. It is also possible to enjoy your company and make barbecue on the unique stone grill. Smoking and pets in the apartment are not allowed.

Apartment Rosemary / 2+2

It consists of one bedroom, 1 bathroom and a dayroom with a very comfortable sofa as well as very tastefully furnished and fully equipped kitchen in high quality granite. Great bedroom has a balcony with an open view to Krk and Cres Islands. All rooms are provided with LCD TV and satellite channels. Free wi-fi. Bathroom is furnished with a washing machine, blow-dryer, towels, bathrobe and free cosmetic accessories. The apartment is completely air-conditioned, has inner fireplace and a private parking lot as well as premium quality Weber portable grill with the possibility to sit down. Smoking and pets in the apartment are not allowed.

Casa Mariela - Booking

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House Rules

To make sure that you will have a pleasant stay and to prevent any misunderstanding, please read the house rules in private accommodation. When you confirm a reservation it is implied that you are familiar and agree with them and that you will fully adhere to them. Violation of house rules can result in the cancellation of the reservation, and charge the full amount of the price of the accommodation regardless of the shorter stay.

On the day of arrival, the guests have to give to the owners their identification documents (passport or ID) for the purpose of registration at the Tourist Board. The documents have to be returned to them within 24 hours. The guests have as well to give the voucher to the owners and pay them the last amount.

The owners are available to the guests during their stay for any information and assistance they may need. In case of any complaint about the quality of the accommodation, we advise the guests to contact directly the owners and call then the agency in case that they cannot solve the problem.

The guests are responsible for the cleanness of the apartment. The owners are not required to clean and tidy up, or to take out the garbage during the whole stay of the clients.

The guests are obliged to take care of their personal things and valuables left in the accommodation. The owners will not be responsible in case of any disappearance, we advise then the guests to always close the doors and windows when they go out.

The owners do not have the right to enter in the rented accommodation during the absence of the guests, except to stop damages or a danger occurring in the accommodation. In this case they have to inform the guests about it as soon as they come back at the accommodation. If the owners have any reason to believe that house rules are violated, the guests have to let them enter in the accommodation in order to check the situation.

Pets are not allowed and in such a case the owner of the apartment and the agency have the right to cancel the accommodation!

Smoking is not allowed inside the apartment!

It is not allowed to bring any weapon, inflammable or explosive substances and products with strong or unpleasant smell into the apartment. As well any cooking and electrical appliances are not allowed without the agreement of the owners.

The guests are kindly asked to take care of the accommodation and its furniture situated inside and outside of it. The guests are not allowed to move the furniture or to transport it to another accommodation, outside or to the beach (the kitchen chairs to the terrace, cutlery to another accommodation unit, towels or blankets to the beach, deck chairs from the swimming pool to the beach…).

During your stay, guests can use the outdoor grill. Leave the grill clean and in proper condition!

When the guests go out of the accommodation they have the obligation to close the parasols, switch off the lights and electrical appliances, close the gas and water. As well the guests are asked while they are outside not to leave the air-conditioning on if it is not necessary, and to close doors and windows while it is in use. It is not allowed to cool down food and drinks by leaving them under running water. It is forbidden to throw waste in the toilets or in any other place not predicted for this purpose like outside the house or in its vicinity.

It is strictly forbidden that any person other that the guests stay inside or outside the accommodation. If any other person that the one declared at the moment of the reservation is present in the accommodation, the owners and the agency have the right to cancel the reservation of all the guests. Guests staying in any accommodation that does not belong to the owners to not have the right to enter in their accommodation without their agreement.

Guests who intentionally or accidentally damage the property will have to reimburse the owners the full amount of the occurred damage. The owners can ask the guests to leave a deposit on their day of arrival. The deposit will be refunded to the guests in its totality on the day of departure only if they leave the accommodation in the same status as they found it. Information about deposit amount and payment can be seen on the accommodation unit price list and voucher.

If the guests intend to arrive after 20:00 on the first day they have to inform the owners or the agency about it in order to avoid that the owners propose their accommodation to other guests, thinking that the first one gave up of the reservation.

On the day of departure, the guests have to leave the accommodation the latest at 09:30, in order that the owners have time to prepare it for the next guests arriving at 15:00. The guests have the obligation to leave the accommodation in the same condition as they found it, tidy and undamaged.

The guests are requested not to disturb the peace of the owners and other customers from 13:00 to 15:00 and from 22:00 to 8:00.

The owners and the agency can put an end to the reservation of the guests who do not respect house rules. In this case, the guests will be charged for the entire amount of the reservation, regardless the shorter stay.

When starting to use the accommodation it is assumed that the guests are familiar with the house rules and that they agree with their conditions and obligations. Complaints will be considered only if reported during the stay. Subsequently, complaints will not be considered.

We wish you a pleasant stay in the apartments CASA MARIELA!